Jul 13, 2019

It's All About The People!

Host and contestant Jeff Hulit is joined by returning players Craig Cohen and Steve Sikoryak to take on the "It's All About The People" challenge! Contestants must create a four track mix of songs written about real people with a part or all of that person&spos;s name in the title.

What's On Loop?

What Steve is listening to:
- Wings "Red Rose Speedway" & "Wings Wild Life" (Apple Music | Spotify)
- Quinn Martin from LaLa Land Records "Cop & Detective Series"

What Craig is listening to:
- Bob Dylan "Rolling Thunder" tour live recordings

What Jeff is listening to:
- David Gilmour "Live At Pompeii" (Apple Music | Spotify)
- The Thorns (Apple Music | Spotify)

Although we do not play the songs we pick live on the air, we do create playlists that you can listen to on Apple Music and Spotify! Check out the results of the "It's All About The People!" challenge right here :

It's All About The People! on Apple Music
It's All About The People! on Spotify

If you'd like to submit your own mix for this challenge, tweet your mix to us on Twitter @FourSongMixTape!

The MixTapes

Tune That Name
by Steve Sikoryak

1. Michael Caine by Madness (1984)

From the album, "Keep Moving"
2. King Tut by Steve Martin (1978)

From the single, "King Tut"
3. Captain Lou by NRBQ (1983)

From the album, "Tapdancin Bats"
4. Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra (1973)

From the album, "ELO 2"

California Dreamin'
by Craig Cohen

1. Magic Johnson by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (1989)

From the album, "Mother's Milk"
2. I'm Saving Myself For Nichelle Nichols by The Dirtbombs (1997)

From the album, "All Geeked Up"
3. Johnny Carson by The Beach Boys (1977)

From the album, "Love You"
4. Danny Says by The Ramones (1980)

From the album, "End Of The Century"

Influences & Celebrations
by Jeff Hulit

1. Joseph Cornell by The Clientele (2000)

From the album, "Suburban Light"
2. The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp by George Harrison (1970)

From the album, "All Things Must Pass"
3. Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder (1976)

From the album, "Songs In The Key of Life"
4. Nostradamus (live) by Al Stewart (1981)

From the album, "Live/Indian Summer"

Craig Cohen

Podcaster, blogger and music fan!

Steve Sikoryak

Time travel expert and music aficionado.
Creator of Paradox Parkway

Jeff Hulit

Music fan and host of MixTape Challenge!